Taste the Undead at Zombie Donuts

Our goal with this blog is to find the most awesome hidden gems in the city of Fullerton. We know you live busy lives and might not look up all the cool things taking place near your apartment, so our job is to find them for you. This week we found an amazing little donut shop that’s been turning heads over the last year or so. Zombie Donuts on Chapman Ave has turned into the trendy donut shop for people looking for a little flair with their sweet treats.

The owners (a mom and daughter team) are huge fans of the AMC hit show “The Walking Dead” and decided to incorporate their love of the undead into their donut making skills. The shop has all the traditional treats you’d find at a donut shop but with an added design twist–everything is horror related. So the next time you need something tasty and scary, stop by this awesome shop and have a zombie donut–they are to die for! You can check out Zombie Donut’s website and social media pages at the link provided.


Zombee Donuts
802 E Chapman Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831
714.879.1078 | www.zombeedonuts.com

How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Staying healthy this holiday season is one of those first world problems we all face at the end of the year. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and various holiday parties taking place over the next two months most people’s eating will get thrown out the window. However, if you make a few simple adjustments so you can avoid those extra holiday.


Water: water is the key to staying healthy any time of the year, so stop with the sodas and juices and stick to water. But if you must have other drinks, try drinking two 8 ounce glasses before any meal to help curb your appetite.


Walk: this one is simple and something everyone knows–exercising can help you lose weight. However, most of us aren’t going to exercise after every meal, so try going for a quick walk around your block after a large dinner.


Meats and Veggies: meats and veggies are the healthiest options you can choose at dinner. It’s the carbs that add on the extra weight. So go light on the mashed potatoes and rice and stick to the veggies.

Fullerton Living: Pumpkin Carving Tips

Halloween is almost here, which means two things: pumpkins and candy. If you are planning to decorate this year, you’ll need a scary pumpkin. Here are a few tips for carving them.


Spray water: once you cut the pumpkin, it begins to die. So keep a spray bottle handy and keep the pumpkin wet as often as possible.


Get a template: there is nothing wrong with getting a little design help–not all of us are artists. So grab a template from Google and make something great.


Refrigerate it: a carved pumpkin will only last 10 days or so. But if you are looking to add a few days to it’s shelf life, cover it in plastic wrap and keep it in the fridge for eight hours right after you are done carving. The cold will keep it alive longer.

Summer Tourist Attractions In Fullerton

Just because you live in Fullerton doesn’t mean you can’t act like a tourist and enjoy the city. Most of the time we get so busy with life and other obligations that we forget to enjoy all the great sites and attractions in our own area. There is no need to drive miles away to have some fun and enjoy life this summer; Fullerton has a host of great attractions for the entire family. Here is a quick look at three great options to try over the next few months.


Fullerton Arboretum

1900 Associated Rd
Fullerton, CA 92831

Phone number: (657) 278-3407


Fullerton Loop Bike Trail

1275 N Berkeley Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone number: (276) 226-1478


Fullerton Museum Center

301 N Pomona Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone number(714) 738-6545


How To Pick a Good Father’s Day Gift This Year

Picking a Father’s Day gift can be tough and most of the time we just end up giving the dads in our lives a new tie or gift card. However, here are a few ideas for picking a great gift this year.


Sophisticated Dad: if you have a classical or sophisticated dad, try going with a box of cigars or a whiskey cup.


DIY Dad: if you have a DIY dad who loves to do everything himself, try purchasing a beer making kit on Amazon. The gift is fun, unique and tasty.


Active Dad: if you have an active and techie dad who loves stats, try going with a Fitbit health monitor. The wrist monitors cost in the $100 range and monitor your steps, sleep, heart rate and a other things. The active and tech dad would love it.


Summer Décor Tips For Your Fullerton Apartment

Summer is here and while you are making plans to have a memorable next few months, do not forget to give your apartment a little love. Since your home is probably very organized and clean because of last month’s spring cleaning, now is the perfect time to fix up your décor. Here are a few summer decorating tips.


Color: summer is all about color, so add a few accident pieces that add a pop of bright blues, greens and yellows. Try replacing couch pillows, area rugs, or even bathroom and kitchen mats.


Flowers: use the power of nature to help spice up your décor. Use flowers, vases and plants to get an outdoor and airy vibe.


Paints: most apartments do not allow tenants to paint the walls, but no one can stop you from painting old furniture and giving it a new lease on life.

Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time gain—no, not beach season. It’s time for spring cleaning; the most glorious time of the year for the “neat freaks” of the world. However, we do realize not everyone is thrilled with the prospect of deep cleaning their apartment. Here are three spring cleaning tips to try during your next deep clean.


Refrigerator cleaning: the easiest and most natural way to clean a refrigerator (do you really want to use chemicals where your food is stored?) is by using a combination of salt and soda water.


Drapes: if your drapes are looking dull throw them in the dryer on air-fluff with a wet towel for 15 minutes. They’ll instantly get clean and look livelier.


Garbage disposal: running lemon rinds through a smelly garbage disposal with some cold water immediately after will freshen up the area.

Where To Watch March Madness in Fullerton

March Madness is here! That means three weeks of non-stop basketball, bracket talk and office pools. Even if you are not the biggest college basketball fan in the world, the NCAA Tournament is a great reason to hang out in a sports bar, grab a drink and some great food (and watch the games too). Jumping into your office bracket challenge is always fun because who doesn’t want to win a few extra bucks? March Madness starts this week, but the games do not really kick off until the weekend, so if you are looking for a sports bar to watch the games, here are three great places to try:


Oggi’s Fullerton

2595 Chapman Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831

Phone number: (714) 526-4447


The Swig Bar

2466 Fender Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831

Phone number: (714) 871-9211


2J’s Lounge

120 W Houston Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone number: (714) 871-9665