Taste the Undead at Zombie Donuts

Our goal with this blog is to find the most awesome hidden gems in the city of Fullerton. We know you live busy lives and might not look up all the cool things taking place near your apartment, so our job is to find them for you. This week we found an amazing little donut shop that’s been turning heads over the last year or so. Zombie Donuts on Chapman Ave has turned into the trendy donut shop for people looking for a little flair with their sweet treats.

The owners (a mom and daughter team) are huge fans of the AMC hit show “The Walking Dead” and decided to incorporate their love of the undead into their donut making skills. The shop has all the traditional treats you’d find at a donut shop but with an added design twist–everything is horror related. So the next time you need something tasty and scary, stop by this awesome shop and have a zombie donut–they are to die for! You can check out Zombie Donut’s website and social media pages at the link provided.


Zombee Donuts
802 E Chapman Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831
714.879.1078 | www.zombeedonuts.com