Hiking in Fullerton


Hiking in Fullerton is a  great way to check out the city’s nature side.

Fullerton Loop Trail, this trail is eleven point two miles of heavy activity. Come take a hike through former equestrian paths, containing a river and railroad tracks. There are lots to discover on smaller paths leading from the trail, this is a popular location for hikers and groups of hikers.  Must be up for a challenge as this trail offers plenty of diversity, we recommend not going alone and try to take a friend who’s familiar with the hiking area.

Panorama Trail, located inside the Panorama Nature Preserve,  has exciting views of Orange County, Brea, and Fullerton.  The trail consist of gravel and dirt, open every day from sunrise to sunset.  Expect this to be a hike of quiet time as traffic is much less than some of the other trails in Fullerton.  The best time to visit this trail is in the morning,  you may enjoy some encounters with ducks, squirrels,  bird and more.

Take advantage the great outdoors in Fullerton by hiking this weekend!