Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend not only a time to take a much-needed break from work; it’s also a time to reflect on the economic and social achievements of the hard working Americans of the past and present. Here are some holiday weekend suggestions in case you’re still trying to make up your mind!

Fullerton, California offers plenty of places for Labor Day weekend activities if you’re wanting to stay active, like the Bud Turner Trail! There are beautiful trees and even a lake along the route. Perfect for walking, biking, or running. There are also things like Fox in a Box! It’s a really fun escape room place with many themes. There are different difficulties to choose from so if it’s your first time you’re still good to go!

Regardless of what you choose to do this Labor Day weekend, we hope it’s filled with nothing but fun. Be safe out there!

Fun Upcoming Events in Fullerton

The beautiful city of Fullerton has variety of fun, upcoming events and activities to offer you and your family this June. Here are a few days to mark in your calendar:

  • On a Friday the 3rd of June, as a part of Monthly Art Walk, enjoy Open Mic Night. Fullerton Museum Center opens its doors to welcome singing, dancing and poetry, showcasing local talent. A beautiful collection of 40 artworks in partnership with Thinkspace of Culver City will be exhibiting the new contemporary movement.
  • Every Thursday from 6:30 till 8:30 PM (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and the 30th) celebrate 25 years of Fullerton Market activity downtown in the heart of the town. True heaven for lovers of everything fresh, locally grown, artisan and handcrafted. There is live music and plenty entertainment to keep everybody occupied. Sitting in the outside Beer and Wine garden with a drink or wiping hummus, this is a great time to spend with your friends and loved ones on a gorgeous summer day. The Market is located in the Downtown Plaza, beside the Museum Center.
  • Music rules the world and Fullerton celebrates this together with the rest of the world on The Day of Music, June 21st. The celebratory tradition of this day has originated in France in 1982 and every year millions of people in more than 700 cities around the globe pour out onto the streets to enjoy music. People of all ages are invited to enjoy hundreds of free concerts in public spaces around the city.

How To Deal With Loud Construction Near Your Fullerton Apartment

So you live in a nice and quiet area. You can hear birds chirping every morning—that is until a construction crew shows up to work on the apartment next door. The noise slowly begins to drive you crazy and by the second week, you are ready to pull out all your hair. What can you do? Here are a few tips and ideas for dealing with construction near your Fullerton apartment.


Rules and regulations: every city has a strict set of construction rules that workers must follow. Typically, crews cannot start loud work before 8am or continue it after 5pm. Figure out the type of work that is being done and go online and see what the rules and regulations are.


Dust and debris: if your apartment has dust and debris everyone, the construction crew might be responsible for putting up tarps and taping off work zones. Talk to your manager about addressing these issues with the workers.

How To Get Your Security Deposit Back

Getting a security deposit back when you move out of an apartment can be tricky!  Most landlords, however, will be accommodating and give that deposit back in full if you follow the rules for moving out, while others might be looking for any infraction to keep that deposit. Here are a few tips for getting a security deposit back.


Read the Lease: understand your lease and everything you need to do in order to get your deposit back. If the lease is unclear ask your manager for something in writing so you know what the requirements are.

Repair: any minor damages! If there are scratches of dings, as long as it’s minor, you can repair it yourself to avoid any fees.

Clean, Clean, Clean: the cleaner your apartment looks, the better! Make sure to take our your cleaning supplies and make sure your apartment is in great shape!