Send Your Kids To Summer Camp In Fullerton

It is going to be a long summer and if you don’t have anything for the kids to do, your apartment might be a war zone. If you are looking to keep the kids busy and entertained all summer long, why not send them to a daily summer camp in Fullerton? The Fullerton parks and rec department will be hosting a daily kids summer camp (which is already gong on) which spreads into late August and will feature games, activities, crafts and excursions. Here is a bit more information about the summer camp, to sign up visit:


Monday – Friday (10 Weeks)

Starting May 31 through August 5, 2016

(Holiday on Monday, July 4; * $149/ 4 day week)

Hillcrest Park Recreation Center

Downstairs at 1155 N. Lemon St.

(Lemon St. and Valley View)