How To Deal With Loud Construction Near Your Fullerton Apartment

So you live in a nice and quiet area. You can hear birds chirping every morning—that is until a construction crew shows up to work on the apartment next door. The noise slowly begins to drive you crazy and by the second week, you are ready to pull out all your hair. What can you do? Here are a few tips and ideas for dealing with construction near your Fullerton apartment.


Rules and regulations: every city has a strict set of construction rules that workers must follow. Typically, crews cannot start loud work before 8am or continue it after 5pm. Figure out the type of work that is being done and go online and see what the rules and regulations are.


Dust and debris: if your apartment has dust and debris everyone, the construction crew might be responsible for putting up tarps and taping off work zones. Talk to your manager about addressing these issues with the workers.