Let’s Go Hiking in Fullerton

In Southern California, hiking season starts early. We don’t have to wait for the weather to clear up because the weather is typically great (except for the rain every once in awhile). So if you are planning on getting back out on the trails, Juanita Cooke & Trail on Euclid & Valencia in Fullerton is the perfect place to go for experts to first time trail walkers.

Just remember to dress accordingly and come with the correct gear. If you are planning to follow a deep trail, bring boots, pants, berries or another snack, and a trekking pole to help reduce the strain on your knees. Even though walking a trail can seem like a “walk in the park” the activity can be strenuous and should be treated like an athletic activity. Have fun walking the trails and we’ll see you out there soon!


Juanita Cooke Greenbelt & Trail

Laguna Lake Park to N Euclid & W Valencia Mesa, Fullerton, CA 92835