Fullerton Events: Have a Snow Day

Are you ready for a fun filled day in the snow? On Saturday, January 30th the City of Fullerton will host a kids snow day at the Brea Dam. The event will feature a 75’ sled run, a toddler area for kids five and younger, a hot chocolate and marshmallow station and other great activities. The event is expected to sell out, so please pre-register at www.fulleroneconnect.com or by visit or calling the Fullerton Community Center at (714) 738-6575. The snow day will also include:

  • Three 75’ sled run
  • Toddler sled run and Play Zone (5 and under)
  • Blast Zone
  • Music
  • Crafts and games for kids
  • Food for purchase


Snow Day in Fullerton
When: Saturday, January 30
Price: $12 (Residents Pre reg) $15 Day of
$15 (Nonresidents pre reg) $18 Day of


So be sure to sign up your kids as soon as possible.


How To Get Your Security Deposit Back

Getting a security deposit back when you move out of an apartment can be tricky!  Most landlords, however, will be accommodating and give that deposit back in full if you follow the rules for moving out, while others might be looking for any infraction to keep that deposit. Here are a few tips for getting a security deposit back.


Read the Lease: understand your lease and everything you need to do in order to get your deposit back. If the lease is unclear ask your manager for something in writing so you know what the requirements are.

Repair: any minor damages! If there are scratches of dings, as long as it’s minor, you can repair it yourself to avoid any fees.

Clean, Clean, Clean: the cleaner your apartment looks, the better! Make sure to take our your cleaning supplies and make sure your apartment is in great shape!

Soul Cycling in Fullerton

Are you ready to join the Soul Cycling and Spin Class trend? January is the perfect time of the year to join a class and work toward those 2016 fitness goals. Soul Cycling, for those that are unfamiliar, is the growing New York based fitness trend, where people workout on stationary bikes inside of a gym. The cycling can be a grueling workout that burns calories, targets your lower body and gets you in shape fast. If you are looking to join the trend, here are a few great classes near your Fullerton apartment.


Purple Pedal

120 W Wilshire Ave

Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone number (714) 525-5363


Pilates + Cycle

940 W Chapman Ave

Orange, CA 92868

Phone number (714) 600-3850


Purple Yoga

140 W Amerige Ave

Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone number (714) 626-0252



Visit Chomp in Downtown Fullerton

Great sushi in a lively and fun restaurant is hard to come by. However, Chomp in downtown Fullerton is turning sushi into a trendy must-have cuisine. The restaurant offers a $24.99 all you can eat day, Sunday brunch and a happy hour menu that rivals any other sushi spot in the area. Susi can be an acquired taste, but if you are a seafood lover, the meal is a fine delicacy that will leave your mouth burning for more.

If you are looking for new and trendy restaurants to try near your Fullerton apartment, Chomp is the place to be. Stop by any time after 11:30am to get some of the best sushi in town.


181 E Commonwealth Ave

Fullerton, CA 92832

(Downtown Fullerton)

P: 714.738.3511

E: chompsushi@hotmail.com